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db8bot helps you track debates, connect to Discord, and find open-access versions of paywalled journals by automatically indexing pre-publication & other bibliographical databases.
Software that accelerates your research.
More than an academic database.
Search, Resolve, Access, Cite β€” All in one.
πŸ” Search from 100 million+ journals, articles & books.
🧩 Resolve & Unlock any DOI instantly. No more fuss with logins.
πŸ“ƒ Access articles via a downloadable PDF copy or the source URL.
πŸ“‘ Cite & Record your research from the built-in article metadata.
The largest competitive debate tabulation site, now on Discord.
Judge Paradigms, Judging Statistics, Pairing Notifications β€” Right in your server.
πŸ’­ Access & Read Tabroom paradigms.
πŸ“Š View & Analyze judging statistics for any judge on Tabroom.
πŸ”— Share a direct link to any paradigm on Tabroom.
πŸ“£ Receive live pairing notifications ("Tabroom Blasts") in Discord for any team active in a tournament.
Not on Tabroom? No Problem.
Built-in tracking for any debate.
Create, View, Update, End β€” For any type of debate; All in one place.
β–Ά Create a round.
πŸ‘“ View the status of all rounds in your server.
πŸ“ Update & Track the current speech for a round.
⏹ End a round & enter a decision.
🏷️ Automatically Assign "Currently Debating" & "Currently Judging" roles.
Other tools to make online debate & learning easy.
Optical Character Recognition
Quotes from Baudrillard, Bataille, Agamben, Foucault & more
Add white background to Rich text copied from Microsoft Word
Bulk purge messages
You are in good hands
Increasing academic access for thousands across the world.


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